Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Well its been a while since I posted here.  I just had idea to make the post on this blog about my daily life. Like a short journal.

Well I'm not going to do much catch up today from the past but this is what today is looking like.
I have mountains of clothes to go through because I pulled the clothes from storage and need to get them all put back after I sort out my kids winter clothes. I am beyond overwhelmed.
My kids are as active as they ever were. Trying to find time between the mountains of clothes to give them all what they need it overwhelming as well. But with prayer faith, God and good friends I know I will make it. In the mean time our home is full of miracles. Like my husband finding a better job we are praying he will soon be doing full time with UTA and having lots of opportunity for overtime with his current job has  been great, also his knees getting better through prayer and faith and our relationship getting stronger than its ever been. Food storage being so easy to come by in the last few months and lots of love from friends and family when I'm feeling down. I would say the things I have to be grateful for far outweigh the things I have to complain about. So I think I will put on a movie and get to the laundry now that I have a smile on my face.