Friday, January 9, 2009

Deep thought for the day

Wow what a good day. It's been one of those days where I didn't get much done around the house but I spent some cuddle and talking time with my hubby and played a game and read scriptures with the whole family. Feels good to spend time together

Anyways here is my deep thought. As I was pondering how one raises a child I thought of the process. First all the child's needs are provided and teaching is going on constantly. Then the children are given strict rules and given a little more freedom to act and choose. But this acting is still done in a controlled environment where the children are given punishments for getting out of line because if not the children would make chaos. When the children learn enough to stay relatively under control and they are grown then they leave and are able to make their own decisions and they are left more to natural consequences instead of the parental "discipline". The parents are still there however for support and when the child who is now an adult wishes to progress further they go to their parents or teachers or those who are wiser then them and choose their path and their role models. Then the child is free to become what they want and this gives them the ultimate opportunity to take charge of their destiny so they ultimate consequence of their desires comes true not someone else's and who they choose to follow is who they become and then they are no longer having to live by someone else or according to someone else all the time they have become that someone they always wanted to be and they are free to follow their dreams as they have now become one with the one they chose to follow.

Well this got me thinking. God started out with the first people of the earth and at first provided a lot for them as he taught them (the garden of Eden). Then he gave them more freedom and gave out punishments and consequences when they disobeyed to keep the world from total self destruction and chaos. As the world progressed and in these last days he has given us so much knowledge that he now is letting go of the harness of the punishment more and more and more letting the natural consequences follow. He is now letting the world self destruct in so many ways because he knows that the world has grown enough to this point that it will not completely self destruct and those who call upon him he can give the power to overcome the evil. This world is like a child who has grown in the prime of it's adult life fighting within itself the conflict over good and evil and like so many old people in this world who finally figure it out, the good will eventually overturn and overcome the evil and something beautiful and full of knowledge and creative power will be born. Like someone who has conquered themselves and uses all their energy to make the world a better place and keeps dreaming of goodness and pursuing constantly that goodness.

Well this is my rambling for the day. My thoughts are sometimes very scrambled when I first try to write them and make sense of them so you will have to pardon the ramble style =) Anyways thoughts and comments welcome. This is a new way of looking at an old thought so stuff to feed this thought would be fun.


Carolyn said...

Interesting thoughts.

katyah said...

Thanks Carolyn!

Do you have any thoughts on this subject or idea?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your message. I found this to be insightfull and it gave me alot to think about.