Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My thoughts and stuff

Well how is everyone this fine day. I have thought about blogging for a while but never quite got my blog page done. I hope now if someone clicks on this page they will have something to read.

I have been trying to figure out myself and others all my life and the struggle for understanding continues. Lately I've been thinking about how always being right isn't as important as always being caring and letting other people know that where they are in their own development is ok. Since I cannot prove I'm always right it stands to reason that focusing on what I used to know and what I know now and how I've grown is more important. Then further how I can find out more and further grow. Further focusing on how others are growing at whatever stage they are and looking not only at what they know but at their personal experience and how they gained that knowledge. These are my most recent ponderings. Also I have been pondering a lot about how far I am from what I would like to be and wish I was. I struggle a lot because of this with self confidence and esteem. I'm thinking that looking at other blogs and reading about others will help me feel not alone and perhaps take courage that we are all still learning together.

I hope to get people responding to my thoughts and sharing their blogs with me. Feel free to visit anytime and open an invitation for me to visit your blog. Have a happy day.

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